Why Invest in Bulgaria?

Bulgaria is located in South Eastern Europe, situated in the heart of the Balkan Peninsula. Bulgaria boasts an old and rich history. Many of the world’s greatest cultures have inhabited this beautiful country, leaving behind a veritable treasure trove of untold historical riches.

Its picturesque scenery is breathtaking all year round. From the stunning beaches and waters of the world famous Black Sea to the rolling mountains that are home to world class skiing resorts, Bulgaria has everything for everyone.

The Black Sea Coast is a major tourist destination and property prices are increasing rapidly with many overseas investors entering the market because of its high growth potential.

What makes Bulgaria currently the top country for property investment?

Bulgaria is a country that not only has weather comparable to Spain and other top holiday destinations, but also property prices that are less than a quarter of their Spanish counterparts.

Over 150 days of sunshine a year, with average summer temperatures of 26ºC (79ºF) and occasionally climbing to a sizzling 35ºC (95ºF).

Beautiful Blue flag beaches for the summer holidaymakers and top ski resorts for winter holidaymakers only a few hours away.

Flights are only two and a half to three hours from the UK or Ireland. Low-cost airlines are entering the market and the number of direct flights is increasing.

Bulgaria is fastest growing holiday destination in the world. Major tour operators such as Thompson and first choice have recently added Bulgaria to their brochures and site it as one of their top sellers.

The cost of living is significantly lower than other European countries, with a dinner for two costing about 7 Euros (5 pounds sterling) and a pint of beer for 0.70 Euros (50p). Bulgaria is a full member of NATO and EU.

The currency (Lev) is pegged to the Euro, making it stable and less volatile. Most property can be bought and sold in Euros.

Bulgaria is politically stable, with government bonds being of investment grade.

Land prices are flying, with the average cost of land on the Black Sea Coast at 150 Euros per square meter, which is predicted to rise to over 400 Euros in the next three years.

In the last two years property prices have risen by over 50% in some regions and is expected to grow at the same rate as has seen with the recent boom in the Spanish market.

Highly profitable rental returns are achieved through holiday rentals.