Property Investment Companies

Which Property Investment Companies Are Going To Offer You A Genuine Investment?

Property Investors have a lot of choices to make when deciding on using a property investment company. Should you buy off plan, new build, overseas, UK, resale … the list goes on! Every property investment company will tell you that their service is the best, and how much you can make … etc … etc.
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Before you make any decision about where and what you want to invest in, let me give you the ‘low down’ on property investment companies and property deal sourcers.

Property Investment Companies

Most investment companies do not offer a FULL service. They do not handle the rental of your property, or the managment and often have other companies in place that they use. This can sometimes be effective, but it can also cause problems.

You don’t get your rent one month, you can’t get in touch with your lettings agent, and guess what your property investment company says … ‘not our problem’. These kind of ‘business relationships’ often break down, causing distress and loss of income.

Another point to make would be to ask the property investment company if they have been to see the property they have offered you.

Do they know the area intimately? Can they recommend schools in the area for tenants, distances to shops and places of work?

Do they know which side of the street has drug dealers on and which side is a good investment?
I’m assuming no! They won’t have even seen the property, and probably don’t even know where the property is located on a map!

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