St. Lawrence Market condos Toronto

Things to Expect When Buying a Condo in St. Lawrence Market

St. Lawrence Market is one of Toronto’s most diverse neighborhoods featuring residents with various cultural backgrounds and mixed incomes. Back in the days, it was an industrial area, and nowadays, it is a family-friendly community.

Many of the St. Lawrence Market condos for sale were designed by some of the most renowned architects in Toronto. Even though many old industrial buildings were demolished in the 50s, several are left as reminiscent of the city’s history. Most of the old industrial buildings that are still standing were turned into commercial space or lofts. In the recent few years, the real estate scene in St. Lawrence Market has seen the inclusion of numerous new steel and glass luxury condo apartments that stretch to Toronto’s downtown.

St. Lawrence is one of the oldest neighborhoods in Toronto. St. Lawrence Market was built even when there wasn’t Toronto, but only the Town of York, its predecessor.

The Esplanade area dates from the 70s, making it the newest part of the St. Lawrence Market community. The property market there is a combination of subsidized rental units with privately owned houses and condos.

The St. Lawrence Market building is a food emporium where you can find all sorts of products from more than 200 vendors. It is the single most famous landmark in this part of Toronto and a food market where locals can find anything from organic chicken and fresh eggs to seafood. National Geographic even called St. Lawrence Market the best food market in the world.

St. Lawrence Market condos Toronto

Acclaimed architects and urban planners see St. Lawrence Market as a super-positive example of urban planning. Many see it as a model for the planning and design of new communities and neighborhoods all over the North American continent.

Getting around is very easy, whether you own a car, a bike, or rely solely on public transport. The 504 streetcar covers King Street, Sherbourne Streets, and the Parliament. If you need to connect to other parts of the city, you have two subway stations in St. Lawrence Market – Union Station and King Station. Union Station is a massive transportation hub, one of the most important ones in Toronto that can even help you catch most commuter trains. So, getting from point A to B is a breeze if you live in St. Lawrence Market.

There are cultural events and entertainment all year long. For starters, you have the St. Lawrence Centre for the Arts, a theatre complex that is a couple of minutes away from the market. The St. Lawrence Hall is also a highly remarkable venue that dates back from 1850. It is a gorgeous building that has hosted hundreds of balls, lectures, and receptions.

Most popular building for buying a condo at St. Lawrence Market

All in All

St. Lawrence Market offers a modern and convenient lifestyle. Living there means to enjoy all the amenities of urban living and easy access to the Financial District. The demand for condos in this area is always high, no matter what. Even during the coronavirus pandemic, the demand for condos in this area has been steady and ongoing.

Because of that, it is fair to conclude that St. Lawrence Market will remain a popular neighborhood in Toronto in the years to come.