Property investment in the Philippines

Arena to take advantage of the Millions of Filipinos living and working all over the World.The rapid growth of the Internet has made the International Market accessible to millions of potential buyers and sellers of Real Estate in the Philippines. Current estimates are that more than 650 million people are directly online with another 300 million using Internet Cafes and that number will have reached close to 1.5 billion. Most of the growth will take place in Asia, Latin America and parts of Europe. Filipinos alone account for some 12 million Global Internet users

The value of commerce connected to the real estate industry is staggering. Residential real estate sales for the U.S. alone approximately one trillion U.S. dollars. As a result, many well-established companies and newly formed start-ups view the Global Real Estate market as a source for significant revenue potential.

PLC International Marketing Networks a Philippine Real Estate Internet Marketing Company specializing in the Sales & Marketing of Condotels in Manila & Cebu, announced the accreditation of the 1200th agent in their less than six-month marketing partnership with the PLC Global Filipino Agency. The alliance has resulted in immediate success for many of its Member Realtors, Brokers, Agents and International Marketing Partners.

Realtor surveys show that 70% of all buyers and sellers of Real Estate now begin their home search online. PLC Global Filipino Agency gives the agent the ability to have a personalized, high performance, all-inclusive, website at an NO cost. Through PLC Global, buyers and sellers worldwide are able to quickly and easily reach the agents website, participate in Real Estate Forums, ask questions and post properties for sale or properties wanted to buy. This key feature, in tandem with the proven visitor-to-lead conversion statistic of PLC International Marketing Networks Excellence in Website Service, turns PLC Global into a lead-generating machine for its members

PLC Global allows agents to select local areas where they do business, post properties for sale or properties wanted and to receive website inquiries from potential buyers in those targeted markets. These inquiries are delivered directly to the agents forum. The service is FREE and you can access the Global Market from anywhere

PLC Global Director, Beth Collingz states, Identifying and providing strong services to enhance our clients success has always been a top priority for PLC International Marketing Networks. PLC Global Filipino Agency is now providing the prospects our clients are receiving and some of the best available information on Philippine Real Estate via the Internet. PLC Global is dedicated to broadening the agents reach from traditional local marketing to the online marketplace where three out of four real estate transactions begin with an Internet search

PLC International Marketing Networks is a Real Estate Internet Marketing Company based in Metro Manila with Branch Office in Cebu serving thousands of Filipino Real Estate Agents across the Globe. The company specializes in Sales for the Lancaster Suites Manila Condotel consisting of Three 42 Storey Towers located in Shaw Boulevard, Metro Manila and the Lancaster Cebu Resort Residences Condotel Developments of Pacific Concord Properties by both direct marketing and email marketing and through its extensive International Network of Realtors, Brokers, Agents and Accredited Marketing Partners. PLC International Marketing Networks were again awarded Best Broker Awards by Pacific Concord Properties in recognition of the high volume of sales generate for the developments via the Global Agency. PLC International Marketing Networks fully intends to maintain its Number 1 spot as the Best Marketing Partner of Pacific Concord Properties.


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