How to Find a Home with a Free Home Foreclosure List

One who wants to stay on top of the foreclosure home market probably does so by getting a free home foreclosure list sent to his/her email inbox on a regular basis. The best place to get a free list is to contact a realtor that specializes in foreclosure properties. The REO (real estate owned) properties department of any bank will send out a foreclosure list to the many real estate foreclosure listing agents. These agents then can pass them on to all the realtors in their area, and you can get one sent to your email every week just for the asking. Another way you can have access too a free home foreclosure list is to go on the Internet  and plug in the city and state; the free home foreclosure list appears on the screen where you can either bookmark the page or print it.

If you want a copy of a free home foreclosure list and you don’t know where to go, you can go to the Google or Yahoo search engines and type in the words free home foreclosure list and the search engine brings them up you. Though you typed in the word free, the search engine will bring up all of the websites whether they are free or not. Some websites give incomplete lists, and will give complete lists with a free trial; however there is no need to pay, because there are plenty of places to go on the Net to get a free home foreclosure list.

Your free home foreclosure list will be complete with a photo if available, or it will come with an aerial view of the neighborhood, and a map with all the foreclosure properties identified on the map with little square icons. A free home foreclosure list is helpful because it identifies which type of foreclosure each property is. A strict foreclosure is a property foreclosed on by the bank or lending company and will be sold by the ban; a judicial foreclosure is one that a judge orders the property to be sold at auction.

There is a common misconception that you can buy a foreclosed property for little of nothing; which isn’t true, but you can sometimes purchase a home for as much as 30 percent of market value. When you find a property on the free home foreclosure list, be sure to inspect the property. Walk in and around the home and take notes, and photos of the home. This way you have a visual, as well as a written record of each property that you inspected.

The free home foreclosure list is helpful, but you must do your homework. You must decide if the home foreclosure is worth your time and the asking price. Sometimes there is damage done to a property due to a disgruntled owner, being upset about losing his/her home, and then a home may just be in bad shape. You have to consider what it will cost you to get the home and the property it sits on restored into good shape. The cost of repairs and renovations could cost as much or even more than the asking price, so take your time and check out each home thoroughly.



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