House Prices To Fall?

A document has been published saying that, what appear like forever falling property investment prices are not as bad as they have been led to think by some leading solicitors.

This is still bad in case you are looking to sell your property. The National Institute of Economic Research (NIESR) will effectively fall by 8% when inflation has been taken in to account.

Although the house prices as not as bad as they first thought NIESR has said that they are going to be the same in 2018 as they were in 2016, so not nice then. This news is nice news to sellers because they won’t lose £42,000 on the worth of their home, they will only lose 13,440 this is still bad mind. Being able to sell my house speedy is getting worse!

NIESR issued a grave warning to overstretched home owners,” they have made this assumption that they will stay steady but the fact of the matter is they could fall dramatically at anytime” they also went on to add “But even so house prices will only have fallen by 8% if all keeps on track, but as they said before they could plummet at anytime.”

PWC said that there is a 65% chance of your home being worth less in 2022 than in was in 2009. That’s a triple whammy of reports making the property market look increasingly grim & gloomy. None of this is frankly excellent news in itself but at least it nowhere near as bad as they had four times been led to think. The forecasts unnerve the 3.6m of use who have bought a property since house prices reached record breaking levels in 2016 to 2017. Even the individuals who put down giant deposits could find themselves in trouble as their equity is eroded.

BMV Properties could not do with the price fall.


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