Go Wow at the Beauty of Puteri Cove Residences

Owning a dream home has never been simple. And if that dream includes a luxurious home with a home, then you can be sure of your search being a tad more difficult. Well, not any more. Pacific Star Group brings to you luxury condos at the heart of the Puteri harbour at Iskandar.

Owning a Luxury Condo at Puteri Cove Residences

If you have been dreaming of living in a condo that exudes luxury and magnificence overlooking the tumultuous sea, then the Puteri harbour at Iskandar is the new address for you. Imagine living at a place that is home to Hello Kitty Theme Park, Trader Hotel, Kota Iskandar and the like- classic life and elegance defined.

  • The entire campus has been divided into 3 blocks with each block comprising of a 33-storey apartment. Each block is supposed to have 329 units, divided into 1, 2, 3 and 4 Bedrooms, dual-keys and Penthouses. This means that you can choose a condo according to your individual requirement.
  • The Puteri Cove Residences also has enough amenities to satiate the health conscious soul within you. What with the state of the art yoga deck, 50m lap pool, tennis and basketball court, you can be absolutely sure of staying fit.
  • The beauty of the place is another factor that gives the entire project an edge over the others. The natural sea view apart, the campus is also adorned with a pond that is loaded with lotuses and koi fish, Jacuzzi, theme garden, fun pool, BBQ and the like.
  • All the condos have been designed to provide you with the spectacular view of the magnificent Puteri Harbour with its Marina Park, yachts and definitely the sea, making Puteri Cove Residences the perfect lifestyle home destination for you.

To revert back to where the entire thing started- owning a home that accommodates you and your family with all the love and care along with exuding luxury is no mean feat. But with Puteri Cove Residences, you can be sure of living this dream.


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