Jakarta real estate market

Despite or perhaps because of the massive boom in construction, house prices in Jakarta have been enjoying only modest rises. Residential property prices increased by just 5.40 per cent and actually fell by 1.24 per cent in real terms. The house price index is still in the region of 50 per cent below its peak.

Buying houses in Ho Chi Minh City

Over the past two years many investors in Vietnam property  market have bought up swathes of land in HCMC, often at artificially inflated prices, in the hope that land ownership would be opened up to foreigners and that they could then sell on to non-nationals at huge profits.

Phuket – The Place To Invest In Property

Many people living in Phuket are there temporarily. In other words, it is home to part time tenants, especially to those who use the island as a rest-stop, as they travel to other countries, such as Hong Kong, Singapore, and others. The people who live there part-time may be on a holiday, work, or on […]