Stop My Foreclosure: Getting Help

Is there help for those that need help? If you are screaming, stop my foreclosure, then you know that there has to be some way to get out of this problem loan and into a more affordable situation. Help is available for most people, depending on where you are with your loan as well as what options your loan offers. Unbelievably, lenders are not in the business of owning homes and are willing to work with you to get out of the loan or get into a better loan. If you want to stop the foreclosure from happening, consider these tips to help make it happen.

Lender’s First

Stop my foreclosure: talk to your lender. One of the best ways to overcome the problems of foreclosure is to stop avoiding your lender. Lenders have the resources to help you get out of the loan or to get the loan caught up. When you begin to miss payments, your lender will start the foreclosure process, which is why you need to consider your options before waiting too long. Some options you lender may offer if you call them and ask them to stop my foreclosure include:

• Making payments to get caught up on your loan payments
• Refinancing a loan to a fixed rate, longer term loan which will decrease the monthly payments
• Adding the missing payments to the end of your loan term so that you can be caught up now

Your lender is one of the best places to ask for help, but it is not the only place.


There are also many investors in most areas that are willing and able to provide you with help in repaying these debts. Work with your lender first, but for those who just cannot get caught up and those that cannot sell the home on their own, investors can help. They can take over your loan in some cases. In other cases, they can buy the home from you at what you owe or just slightly more. While you still will lose the home, you are not going to have to worry about saying, stop my foreclosure any longer. In fact, you may put yourself in a position of starting over because your credit won’t be hurt.

Stop my foreclosure! These words are being heard more often lately, but they are not ignored. Talk to your legislator, your lenders, and others to be sure that the foreclosure process is tightened so that you do not have to be put in this position again.



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