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Sell Your Property In Bulgaria Quickly

As the number one real estate sales agency when it comes to properties in the Sunny Beach region here in Bulgaria we have put together some useful tips and advice on how to go about finding a buyer within a reasonable period of time.

  1. Nowadays in this difficult market the price of the property is one of the most important decision making factors to ensure that somebody will buy your apartment over the many others that he will see on the internet or view in person if he comes on an inspection trip to Bulgaria. Our advice would be to offer your property at the lowest price you can afford to do. Don’t forget that it is the market that sets the price and right now it is very much a buyer’s market here in Bulgaria.
  2. To be able to offer the best price, you should to try to make best use of your finances, so that you don’t have unexpected expenses such as exchange rate fluctuations. In Bulgaria you will usually sell a property in the Euro currency. After that you will need to repatriate the sales price into another currency (e.g. GBP). So, the best is to deal with a reputable currency broker and Clements Properties Bulgaria can assist you with arranging the best solution to bring the euros back home.
  3. If you can, be flexible when it comes to the payment plan! Recently we have found that many Russian buyers would prefer to pay for their new Bulgarian property in instalments over an agreed period of time against a preliminary contract signed by both parties for the security of the deal.
    4. And last, most importantly… you should choose a company with a good track record in the Bulgaria resale property market.  By doing this not only are you ensuring a good level of customer service and security but you are also giving yourself the very best possible chances of finding a real cash buyer quickly. This is because your apartment will be marketed through all the most effective sales channels.  As a an agency Clements Properties Bulgaria are confident of being the number one choice as we have an impressive sales record to the Russian market for property here in the Sunny Beach region.

For more helpful selling tips please contact us. We are able to provide sellers with a free and fast property valuation by e-mail or telephone on a no sale, no fee basis.


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