Latest Tips for Selling Your Home in Today’s Market

Here are some simple pointers that will keep you on the right track to sell your house and. Your selling price and in your timeline:

1. Before you put your house on the market BEGIN with the END in mind – Knowing your destination will determine the journey. Are you moving to Arizona or Queensland like everyone else, and need the money for another purchase? Do you have huge gambling debts and need to pay off the mob? Is the value of your house the same as the amount you owe the bank and you just want out? In other words WHAT IS YOUR MOTIVATION AND DESIRED OUTCOME?

2. Become an expert of property values in the area in which you are selling – Find out what properties were listed for and finally sold for in the same area as your property. The local agent / realtor should willingly provide you with a list of RECENTLY SOLD (not on offer) properties in your area that match your own.

3.If you list your house with a real estate agent you are in partnership with that agent in selling your house – that means working with the agent and more importantly making sure they are working for you. There are so many agents / realtors who work for commission and forget about the SERVICE they are supposed to be providing. YOU are the customer and the one paying the bills so make sure you get what you ask for.

4. Advertising through the agent. This is a BIG money spinner for agents unless you take control of it. For example – make sure that any paper media adverts have no more than 5% of the advert space taken up by the agent’s logo and happy smiley face! If it does then make it a condition of the agreement that they pay for the advert. If you are an expert at wording real estate selling adverts then by all means dictate what you want in the advert. If not then you may have to defer to the agent’s expertise. BUT here is a HUGE draw card for buyers so LISTEN UP – When they read your advert they have one question in mind WHAT’S IN IT FOR ME!. If you don’t make your advert advantageous to buyers they won’t bite. Examples of buyer honey in your adverts – ‘Flexible Terms’, ‘No Deposit’, ‘Free House – Just Take Over My Payments’, or ‘Free Dog’. You get the idea?

5. If your house is not selling – it could mean it is not priced correctly – Either the agent got it wrong or you are asking too high a price for your property. There is a seller’s misconception that he/she sets the price. Sorry but the BUYER sets the price. The SELLER chooses to accept or refuse that price. Often a seller will say no because the offer is too low and then waits many months for the “Right Buyer” to come along and offer the “Right” price. Well if you wait long enough the market will go up naturally and you WILL get your price. But WOW it took a long time!

These five pointers will keep you on the right track and you will find that the process unfolds easily and simply.