How to Find Cheap Apartments for Rent in Budapest

Living in Budapest can be a very rewarding experience as it is one of the most beautiful cities in Europe. With its impressive architectural treasures, amazing nightlife, and cosmopolitan culture, it is no wonder that Budapest is visited by over 4 million tourists annually.

Budapest apartments

One of the best ways to truly capture the essence of the city and capture its true vibe is by renting an apartment and living among the locals.

However, the demand for apartments in Budapest is almost always high, especially when you are hunting for great deals.

But, if you think like a local, search like a local, negotiate like the locals, then your chances of landing a cheap apartment for rent are exponentially higher. But before we dive into those peculiarities, here is a short introduction to the local apartment rental market.

Apartments for Rent in Budapest 101

One of the best things about Budapest apartments for rent is that there is a wide selection across the city. There are apartments catering to all types of lifestyles and budgets.

Most of the apartments are located on the Pest side of Budapest, and most are part of an extended apartment complex, whether new or old.

Budapest apartments

In terms of monthly rental prices, they start from 130,000 HUF to 95,000 HUF for a one-bedroom apartment. The apartments outside the city center cost less, while the ones within the city center cost more. If we convert the Hungarian currency into Euros, it comes down to €300 and €420, respectively.

In all honesty, that doesn’t feel so bad when compared with the other European metropoles. Of course, the bigger the apartment, the more amenities it has, and the price significantly rises. But, as we mentioned earlier, there are apartments for all pockets, lifestyles, and preferences.

How to find a cheap apartment for rent?

The most straightforward way to find an apartment for rent includes going through the local newspaper classified ads, real estate websites, websites such as, and Facebook groups. That’s how locals find apartments for rent in Budapest, and that’s how you should do.

Budapest apartments

To that end, hiring a local translator, even for a day, can be a worthy investment. The translator can help you with identifying prospects, navigating through the city’s neighborhoods, as well as negotiating a good deal.

Don’t shy away from the opportunity to negotiate a good deal

In some European countries, tenants don’t like to negotiate rental fees and rental terms in general. However, that’s not the case in Hungary as this is part of the culture there. Locals regularly do it, and almost by default, they get a better deal.

In conclusion

When it comes to finding a cheap apartment for rent in Budapest, It is a simple formula – hire a local translator, browse the local ads, and negotiate. One alternative is doing it on your own and hoping that Google translate will get the job done. The other one is going through a rental agency and let their agents take care of the job on your behalf.

But at the end of the day, in eight out of ten cases, you won’t get the same deal as with the help of a local translator.