jakarta property

Despite or perhaps because of the massive boom in construction, house prices in Jakarta have been enjoying only modest rises. Residential property prices increased by just 5.40 per cent and actually fell by 1.24 per cent in real terms. The house price index is still in the region of 50 per cent below its peak. Read More →

Student Property Investment in Bolton

Bolton’s strong industrial roots are reflected across much of the town, and this is also evident in the area’s higher education offerings, particularly at the university. Renowned for its focus on vocational study, the University of Bolton provides students with the opportunity to take on degree level learning on industry relevant courses that mirror the town’s history and heritage.Read More →

Nicaragua real estate

Real estate has always been a great investment strategy, with international holdings being some of the most valuable and most sought-after. Many people like to have a property abroad where they can spend their summers, use as a gathering place for their family, or even rent out for extra income.Read More →