Real Estate Investment in Mexico

There has been discussion about the impact of US recession on Mexico Real Estate and its future prospects. When talking about Mexican Property market, it may seem that it is closely related to the US real estate. Some may very well paint a gloomy picture for Mexico Real Estate market.Read More →

Investment Property Mortgages

Banks and insurance companies have been often accused of hiding relevant information from a deserving public. These accusations are not altogether baseless and malicious. In fact, the financial markets that is active in Real Estate Business as a whole have proved in the recent past that they have an inherent tendency to present half truths especially if and when it suits their stance.Read More →

Property in Austria

Where to buy Property in Austria?mAustria boasts some of the best ski areas in Europe and as such these areas are popular with foreign buyers, especially as holiday homes. The main areas of population in Austria remain around the Innsbruck, Salzburg and Vienna regions which make up about 70% of the total population.Read More →