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Buying or selling your house? Be Careful!

There are literally hundreds maybe even thousands of companies on the internet who will buy and sell your house, seeing as there are that many you would of course expect some crooks to be involved too, so you have to be extremely careful who you buy from or sell to! There are a few tips that could help you to not get conned by a crook,

1. Only use people who are associated with a thing called R.I.C.S because they are the professionals and governmental law over the property market so to speak, they will get involved if something goes wrong or you try to get ripped off, they will take the said company to court too.

2. Another tip is to never use a company’s own house evaluator because they will always say a price that will suite them, not you so yet again get your own RICS man in to do it instead of them.

3. Do not get fooled by a flashy website always ring up and actually talk to someone on the phone, if it goes to answer phone before 5’o clock it’s most probably a scam of some sort.

4. Always use some one who is FSA certified if you are using sale and rent back deal because if they are not FSA certified they ARE con artists or scammers and report them to the police or the FSA because if they are trying to con you the will have conned numerous other innocent people too! And this sort of thing has to stop.

All I’m saying is to be extremely careful who you decide to sell it with.