Apartment In Baabda

7 Tips For Buying Your First Apartment In Baabda

After years of staying in a rented home, you have probably decided to buy your first home in Baabda. Apart from being a big financial decision, buying a house is also an emotional step. There are many things to consider before you select one of the apartments for sale in Baabda.Apartment In Baabda

Below are seven things you need to know.

  • Do your homework. Baabda has some amazing choices for buyers, depending on what you want to spend. Louaizeh and Jamhour have great apartments, while you can also check areas around Hazmieh and Yarzeh. It’s wise to do some initial research on the price range, which can be anywhere around $450,000 or more. For larger apartments, expect to pay a least price of $3,000,000.
  • Find more about the area. As a homeowner, you would want your house around an area that’s accessible and has all the dynamic facilities. Do your research about the best places to own a house in Baabda. Try to understand why one place is better than others.
  • Check online. If you are looking for apartments for rent in Achrafieh, it’s wise to check online. Online real estate sites have more options, and you can always find relevant choices, depending on what you wish to spend.
  • Schedule personal visits. Yes, online sites have plenty of property pictures, but you can never buy a home, unless you have paid at least two to three visits. On your first check, try to find the cons of the property, so that you can negotiate the price better.
  • Find more about other charges. How much do you need to spend on maintenance? What are the other additional expenses that you need to incur before settling down? Does the apartment needs repair and maintenance? What’s not included in the price? Ask these questions before sealing the deal.
  • Know the highlights. Every property has a few highlights. Some are closer to the banks and commercial areas, while others are closer to community facilities. Check these aspects before taking the final call.
  • Lastly, don’t forget to negotiate. Real estate prices can be negotiated to some extent, although websites are quite fair in that regard. Try to find the downsides of the concerned property, which can be used for discussing things further.

Baabda apartments and properties are cheaper than Beirut, which is one of the many reasons why people choose to buy a home here. Find your choices now!


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