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5 Popular Home Features

Whether you are shopping for a new home or want to update your current home here are 5 features which are among the most popular with home buyers. Even if one does not appeal to you it’s smart to keep in mind when considering your home’s future resale value.

Energy Efficiency

Now more than ever, we are a population of energy conscious consumers. Today’s home buyers are often in search of sustainable design features that conserve energy. From construction details like solar panels and reclaimed building materials to energy saving appliances, doors, and windows, the trend is here to stay. When you are house hunting or updating your present home, become knowledgeable about the possibilities, such as low-e windows and programmable thermostats. Be energy conscious outside your home as well and landscape with drought tolerant, native plants. Making the choice to incorporate such components may even result in a tax benefit (check with your tax professional.)

Upscale Master Bath

Many Americans are seeking to recreate the spa experience at home. Now many bathrooms are larger and more imposing than the typical toilet/tub/shower arrangements of the past. Today’s master bath is often dramatically constructed from glass, stone, tile or cement. Fixtures are heavy duty stainless or nickel and options such as self-closing/cleaning toilets, steam showers, saunas, and bidets are popular.

Family Room Kitchens

When it comes to cooking and entertaining, we’ve taken it to a whole new level. Gourmet kitchens became a prevalent design feature about ten years ago and show no signs of going away. Solid surface countertops, stainless steel appliances, oversize cook-tops, extra sinks and ovens are practically standard these days. Another kitchen trend that is evolving is the inclusion of a home’s family room; either directly adjacent to or as part of the kitchen. We’ve all been there: at parties or family gatherings, where does everyone invariably end up? The kitchen, of course! So it just make sense to go ahead and put in some comfy seating, ambient lighting, perhaps a sound system, and just enjoy it!

Special Interest Room

There is often at least one room or space in most homes that fails to serve its designated purpose. It could be an extra bedroom, room over the garage, or basement. Lately, this problem has been resolved with the creation of a special interest room. Of course, just which interest is addressed will depend on the needs and interests of the homeowners. In parts of the country where basements are standard, they are often being transformed into home gyms, yoga studios, or wine cellars. Extra bedrooms are often used as playrooms, media rooms, craft/hobby rooms, and even upstairs laundry rooms. The wonderful thing about this trend is that the choice is only limited by the creativity of the homeowner!

Outdoor Entertaining

Entertaining outside is not just for summertime barbecues! All over the country, outdoor kitchens and entertaining areas have become very popular. Regardless of where you are, from the sunny states to the cooler ones, homeowners are taking the party outside. The sky is the limit on how far you can go with an outdoor kitchen. The same upscale features seen on inside kitchens are possible along with built in grills, barbecue pits, and brick ovens. Indoor/outdoor fabrics and rugs, fans, heaters, and outdoor fireplaces all make it easy to entertain and dine al fresco.



Which render should I choose

House rendering is the easiest and fastest method of finishing techniques. Thin coat render is the most commonly used render for this purpose, which appeared with the introduction of the light-wet technology of external wall insulation.